Product recall / warning

JOST ball bearing turntables from the HE1200-22 and HE1300-22 series

As part of our continuous and intensive quality control measures together with our pre-suppliers, we have been informed of potential material defects for certain batches. These defects could affect some of the ball bearing turntables from the HE 1200-22 and HE 1300-22 series produced by us.

In a worst-case scenario, this quality deviation could result in a separation of tractor and trailer, and the driver would no longer be in control of the trailer. The current level of knowledge does not enable us to exclude the risk of considerable hazard.

How to recognise affected ball bearing turntables and how they are labelled. The affected ball bearing turntables are from the
HE 1200-22 series: from September 2017 → engraved number: CW YY from 38 17 to 46 18
HE 1300-22 series: from December 2016 → engraved number: CW YY from 48 16 to 46 18

The following procedure must be strictly adhered to if the trailer is affected:

  • A trailer equipped with a ball bearing turntable which is labelled from the affected period must immediately be taken to the nearest specialist workshop in order for the ball bearing turntable to be replaced at our cost.
  • Please take care to drive as slowly as possible and avoid sharp corners and strong braking manoeuvres.
  • If you notice any unusual behaviour while driving (e.g. tracking instability) or noises, then you must immediately stop transportation.

Our service contact

T: +49 6102 295-687


Identification of the turntable type HE 1200-22 and HE 1300-22

1. The turntable is located between the trailer body and the front axle of the trailer.


2. All turntables have a type plate. On the right-hand-side side of this plate there is an identification marking that shows the week and the year of when the product was produced.

3. The type plate can always be located on the circumference of the turntable; generally on the right-hand side relative to the direction of the vehicle.

4. To assist in correct reading of the reference numbers, it may be necessary to clean the plate and a small area to the right of the plate.

5. Only the reference numbers HE 1200-22 and HE 1300-22 within a specific time period are affected by this action.

6. The following figure shows how to determine the week and year of production. Tables 1 and 2 show which production dates are relevant to this action.

7. If the reference numbers HE 1200-22 and HE 1300-22 and the production dates (week and year) match, as shown in Tables 1 and 2 respectively, then it is possible that the turntable is affected by this action.

HE 1200-22
Table 1

Production Week

Production Year


38 to 52



01 to 46


HE 1300-22
Table 2

Production Week

Production Year


48 to 52



01 to 52



01 to 46



8. If the reference numbers of the turntable in question do not match either HE 1200-22 or HE 1300-22, then no further action is required.

9. All ball bearing turntables with a green type plate and the suffix "W" (low maintenance series) are also not affected by the action.

10. Please keep the chassis number of the trailer ready.

11. After completing the identification, you can file an application.

Mounting and Operating Instructions

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